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A Special Message from Dr. Grazette

As of May 2020, I merged my practice with Minnesota Women's Care. My office is now located in Burnsville. Appointments with me will be exactly as they have been – just in a new location. There's one really important change: I will now be able to offer my patients a much larger range of services. I have highlighted several services, but I invite you to visit the Minnesota Women's Care website and view everything they have to offer.

It has been my pleasure being your doctor and I'm excited to welcome you to my new office location in Burnsville. To book your appointment with me,  simply call 651-600-3035 or click to request an appointment online.

Online Appointment Request

Pregnancy Care

My colleagues can provide your pregnancy care. I will be working with both midwives and physicians who can provide your OB care. 


I will be in practice with urogynecologists Dr. Emily Myer and Dr. Melvin Ashford. These physicians specialize in treating pelvic floor disorders including incontinence and prolapse. Again, this is a service I can offer right in my new office.

Advanced Gynecologic Services

A broader spectrum of gynecologic services will also be provided by my colleagues including bioidentical HRT – pellet therapy, cosmetic gynecology, and advanced minimally invasive surgical options.

My colleagues stay at the forefront of developments in healthcare for women. I invite you to explore the website and to stay in touch via email.

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